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Half-Life 2 Mods

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This game is kind of cool ( well honestly the game play sucks but it looks darn good, no wounder it's using the source engine :D, just makes me wounder what they needed so many programmers for ) I guess you probably need HL2 to play it.
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Wow its out already thanks for the heads up.

Lets see how this turned out to be. It's one of the most awaited mods xD
Awesome, thanks for the news :)
Ok... this is a mod for 1 hour play xD i already finished it. But truth be told, a very awsome hour. These guys dont know how to make a good first impression. The first level runs SLOW like hell and its DULL like hell. I felt like trashing the mod right there. But after that its a pretty damn good mod. and the last 2 levels are pretty awsome. Its just very very small lol. At least it has a nice survival mini-game.

Btw it has a very cool sound track.
That was 5 months of work hehehe :) I guess 5 months for 1 hour is kind of over the top :D
just makes me wounder what they needed so many programmers for
To play the game ofcourse...
Wait a minute...This is a Half-Life 2 mod? Wow these Half-Life 2 modders really make nice models. Just pure beautiful levels! I still like Halo map making more. Is it possible to use 3ds max in Half Life 2 modding?

EDIT: Curse me for not installing HL2 deathmatch.
there was a plugin that allowed you to do that with the original half-life.
I'm sure there will be atleast some sort of import/export tool for 3ds max files to work on world craft...

World craft is a very good editory in itself anyway and is easy to learn especially if you know another 3D editing program like 3ds max.
Yeah but I'm not sure if I'm going to get into modding another game. It takes a while to learn how these games work. Halo took me a long time and alot of people gave up on it because of the lack of support from Bungie and Gearbox. Frankly, the community remedied that and we started making our own tutorials. Gearbox just left us with a stupid tutorial that didnt explain anything and some tags and bitmaps to use in our own levels. It looks like you guys got support from Valve with HL2 modding.
Well luckly HL2 mapping isnt very diferent from HL1 so it didnt took me much time to learn the rest, and yes you can import models from 3DMax.
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