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GunZ: The Duel

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What they Say:
"What's "GunZ"?

We believe sometimes you dream of becoming the cool character or hero that you saw in a movie, animation or a game.

GunZ is an online game that was produced out the idea of enabling you to realize such a dream! GunZ is not simply a simulation game of a gun fight. It allows you to imitate a famous hero, create your own fashion, and perform a number of different actions such as shooting or stabbing while running or jumping on the walls.

What makes GunZ more interesting than other games is the fact that the game is available on-line allowing easy access to its exciting elements! AND this game is FREE for playing.


GUNZ was first produced in 2003 and introduced into Korea in 2004. Since then, the game has continuously evolved. It delivers excitement quite different from the one that you enjoyed with an FPS game.

* EASY TO PLAY: Configured in the operational system similar to that of the existing FPS game, a user who has tried an FPS game before will find it easy to control and enjoy it.
* ACROBATIC MOVES: All the eye-popping actions including the Hong Kong-style like John Woo or others seen in the movie Matrix are available in this on-line game. The player can run on the wall like Keanu Reeves or shoot a gun with his coat fluttering in the wind like the hero in the John Woo movie. All the actions imagined by the players can be realized through GUNZ.
* Fully-Customizable Characters: GUNZ offers hundreds of items. Not only the clothes and accessories for the characters, but also all the other items evolve once they are combined with the character. The more the game expands, the more diverse the appearances that characters will have. That is, players can create their own characters.
* Random Quest System: As it supports randomly-created quests, GUNZ provides something for the users who find the grandiose battles uninteresting. At the same time, the game delivers unlimited excitement to all. As the type of the quest is diverse, a player can enter another quest by combining items that it already obtained. It can also fight with a very powerful enemy. The enemies include the great heroes and gods depicted in the legends of the Continent, GUNZ."

What I Say: A free action based time killer. It would be more skill base, but sadly alot of bad net-code, and poor physics. Help some people have a better time with this than others. You grab a uzi and spary. Ten/Ten times you'll kill someone, compared to the much cooler honored pistols (yes, i'm a pistol user).

Graphics, are nothing to shout about, but do a decent job to get the point across. Leveling, is slow and you'll probably get bored after awhile, still it's strangely addicting for a few half a hour to hour a night you might play. Let's see some NGEMU's in there.

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Won't let me connect to the server.. always says failed. :( Looks awesome.

edit: just realized there was an update available.. got it working, and it runs great on my integrated Intel Extreme Graphics Decelerator™. ;) Pretty fun.. if only there were better physics and some better net-code.. can't complain for free though. I like it.
Will have to get together sometime Cool, lol, start a NGEMU clan.
Nice game bud sadly i cant conect to other users, i think that the cause of my problem is the router.
crap! The game sure looks neat!

I'll get it downloaded and maybe we'l be able to connect to each other concidering that everyone's been having the same problem we can only hope that it will work.
Zer0Soul said:
Will have to get together sometime Cool, lol, start a NGEMU clan.
True that.. :)
if there is ever a NGEmu clan I wanna be in it ;)
This game needs more servers >_>
they sure does since they're all full.
Sweet, DLin now!

Update: OMG, All of their servers, all 2 of them, are full! What a rip! O well, looks like a sweet game.
Roar!!! I ownz0rz!

Clan plzkthnx
Ping 0?
Wow, that's surely a good game, so i'll give it a try and see if I can perform moves like that and become a good player.
:angry: The server is not responding ...
:hdbash: HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE TO WAIT :hdbash:
Viper_Viper said:
Yeah it's that I can't see my own ping OR my connection is HUBER awesome.
I decided to give this a go. Not gonna continue doing so tho. Not until invert mouse is avaliable.
This game needs more servers, two won't do for the players.
Why does the servers have always to be filled-up? (At least the servers are responding now)
But I'll wont give up that easy i'll keep on trying
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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