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Gumball 3000 [SLES 50984] (E)

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Beta Date: 29.04.05
Conditions Tested Under:

BIOS PAL v1.50
GSsoft 16.04.05
GSDX9 10.04.05
spu2peops 25.12.04
cdvdpeops 20.04.05

To get any pictures i had to kill VIF1 interrupt inside the ELF.
With GSDX9 menus are invisible, either HW or SW mode.
Ingame 3D almost perfect, the ground is messed up from time to time.

Log reads loads of:
fixme: T flag
*PCSX2*: warning v->size != size

Don't know how this is related to my patch.

Now watch the screenshots closely.
After a while of driving you reach a TV wall that is filming you.
Including the graphical glitches from PCSX2!
Is that spooky or what :eyespin:

A few minutes later my computer froze and i had to power it off :mad:

Patches used:
gametitle=Gumball 3000 PAL
//Skip Videos
//Disable VIF1 Interrupt

addiu	sp, sp, $ffe0		# 001efb58:27bdffe0
lui	v0, $1000		# 001efb5c:3c021000	v0=T0_COUNT
sq	fp, $0000(sp)		# 001efb60:7fbe0000
ori	v0, v0, $3c30		# 001efb64:34423c30	v0=VIF1_MARK
sq	ra, $0010(sp)		# 001efb68:7fbf0010
daddu	fp, sp, zero		# 001efb6c:03a0f02d
lw	v0, $0000(v0)		# 001efb70:8c420000	v0=VIF1_MARK
andi	v1, v0, $8000		# 001efb74:30438000
bne	v1, zero, $001efb94	# 001efb78:14600006
lui	v1, $1000		# 001efb7c:3c031000	v1=T0_COUNT
bne	v0, zero, $001efb98	# 001efb80:14400005
ori	v1, v1, $3c10		# 001efb84:34633c10	v1=VIF1_FBRST
jal	$001fbc20		# 001efb88:0c07ef08
nop				# 001efb8c:00000000
lui	v1, $1000		# 001efb90:3c031000	v1=T0_COUNT
ori	v1, v1, $3c10		# 001efb94:34633c10	v1=VIF1_FBRST
lw	v0, $0000(v1)		# 001efb98:8c620000	v0=VIF1_FBRST
ori	v0, v0, $0008		# 001efb9c:34420008
sw	v0, $0000(v1)		# 001efba0:ac620000	VIF1_FBRST
sync				# 001efba4:0000000f
ei				# 001efba8:42000038
daddu	v0, zero, zero		# 001efbac:0000102d
daddu	sp, fp, zero		# 001efbb0:03c0e82d
lq	ra, $0010(sp)		# 001efbb4:7bbf0010
lq	fp, $0000(sp)		# 001efbb8:7bbe0000
jr	ra			# 001efbbc:03e00008
addiu	sp, sp, $0020		# 001efbc0:27bd0020
Status Ingame
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