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Guitar Freaks SPEED problem

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its not that the game freezes, just that its slow.
and everother game i use with VGS is horrible (ePSXe makes all my games work XCEPT guitar freaks...)
i can play the game, but its difficult cuz the notes appear late and stuff.
can anyone help me configure VGS?
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ok dont use VGS

ive never tried Guitar Freaks on epsxe but i did get DDR 3rd to work in epsxe.

You should try cheching all the CDROM options to sync the music and the reading.

see if that words
the emulation freezes

the problem with epsxe is that it freezes in the warning scene (where the CAUTION sign appears and the 2 guitars spin on the sides). It just stays there forever... that's the only game i CANT run with ePSXe...
Same problem here

I had the same thing happening to me. There are major sync problems in VGS whenever I run Guitar Freaks or Beatmania. For a second or two when i start any song, it speeds up really fast then eventually goes back to it's normal speed, messing up the entire song. I've tried bleem, but Guitar Freaks froze at the warning screen...Does anyone know of a good, reliable emu that i might try this on? Strangely though, DDR and Pop'n Music 2 ran fine, with no sync problems at all...
okai, thanx ppl.
lets all try to find a good emu and post it here, ok?;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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