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Guide: Basic Keyboard Controls Setup For Dolphin
by Adeno

Greetings everyone! This guide is for everyone, especially the new gamers who just discovered the wonders of the Dolphin emulator, who just feel a little intimidated or has no idea how to configure the keyboard in order to play Wii games on the Dolphin properly.

Why use the keyboard when you can simply connect the real Wii controller to your computer and use it on Dolphin or even one of those generic gaming controllers? The answer varies from person to person. Some get physically tired easily when using a real Wii controller. Others might have some technical problems making the real thing work, preventing them from making use of this feature. In other words, no matter the situation, knowing how to set up the keyboard to use it as the main controller for Dolphin is beneficial to all gamers who simply want to enjoy some time with their favorite games.

As of this writing, we'll be using the "Dolphin Wiimote New Incomplete" plugin as the basic model for setting up our controls on the keyboard because for a lot of people currently, the normal "Plugin_Wiimote.dll" doesn't seem to work with the most recent of Dolphin SVNs (5942 and above), especially for Windows XP users. At least, the "Dolphin Wiimote New Incomplete" plugin seems to work for most people. The basic principle of the keyboard set up we'll be using here should also be applicable to other plugins.

Configuring The Keyboard:

1. Start the Dolphin emulator.

2. Click Options.

3. Click Configure.

4. Click the Plugins tab.

5. Under Wiimote, choose Dolphin Wiimote New Incomplete.

6. Click Config... on the right side of Dolphin Wiimote New Incomplete.

7. The Dolphin Wiimote Configuration window shows up. Under Input Source, choose Emulated Wiimote.

8. Under Emulated Wiimote, click Configure.

9. Follow the configuration as shown in the pictures below.

Dolphin Emulated Wiimote Configuration Window:

This is where you configure the main Wii controller. Our aim is to configure it in such a way that it will work along with the nunchuk while being as accessible to your fingers like a generic controller on the keyboard. The settings here will be in harmony with the nunchuk's configuration, so don't worry if it looks weird at first.

Your left hand's index finger should be placed on the F key. Your left hand will be pressing keys near the F key which corresponds to the buttons used by both the Wii controller and the nunchuk, while the analog sticks and the directional pad will be handled by your right hand.

Your right hand will normally be on the NumKey Pad. The directional arrow keys are normally used to move the camera around in most games, while the numkeys (5 up, 2 down, 1 left, 3 right) are used to move. Swinging movements are set as well (/ swing up, 8 swing down, 7 swing left, 9 swing right).


On the right area of the configuration window is the Extension list. It shows other Wii controller devices that can be emulated. There are currently four different extensions that we can use:

- Nunchuk
- Classic (this is actually a generic controller)
- Guitar (for those music games)
- Drums (for those music games)

We will be configuring both the Nunchuck and Classic extensions since they are the most commonly used in games. The Guitar and Drums extensions are rarely used so we won't touch those for now. You can easily configure them anyway since they are not too complicated.


The nunchuk is the most used extension. Lots of games need this, such as Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, and more!


The classic controller extension works extremely well in most games, sometimes even better! For example, in a boxing game called Victorious Boxers Revolution, if you use the normal wii controller with the nunchuk, you will be required to actually do a lot of mouse movements while pressing buttons just to throw a punch. This might sound ok or fun if you have a real wii controller and nunchuk, but they are very hard to pull off on the emulated version. This is where choosing the classic extension shines. If you choose classic extension for Victorious Boxers Revolution, you will only need to press buttons to actually throw punches, dodge punches, and move around the ring. Suddenly, there are no complicated controls!

Game Example:

1. Disaster - Day of Crisis
We pick this game to be our example for the simple fact that it uses almost everything the Wii controller and the nunchuk has to offer. In this game, you have to ROLL the controller to open doors, you have to SWING the controllers or even shake them to rescue people or escape calamity. It also makes use of typical adventure game controls. Hey, it even has it's own First Person Shooter mode from time to time which makes use of your mouse to point to the bad guys and shoot! Oh yeah, it also has a Driving Mode where you use only two buttons to accelerate or decelerate, and two buttons to turn left or right. In other words, this game is the total package and if you know how to play this on a keyboard, you won't have problems with other games.

5 - move forward
2 - move backward
1 - move left
3 - move right

Up, Down, Left, Right - move camera view.

F key - Jump.
D key - Run faster.
R key - Reset camera behind character.
E key - Search the area for victims.

Q, W, or Y keys - Shake fire off, only when on fire.
Q, W, or Y keys - Press repeatedly when in front of breakable objects to perform an attack to break them.
Q, W, or Y keys - Press repeatedly during quick time events to run away from disaster.

Opening Doors (Simulated Roll Movement):
Hold G key for 1 second (or half a second) then press S or A key while still holding the G key - Open Door. Opening a door in this game requires you to "Roll" the Wii controller. Unfortunately, there is no automatic roll function in the "Dolphin Wiimote New Incomplete" plugin unlike with the old Plugin_Wiimote.dll. The timing is important or this simulated "roll" move won't work.

First Person Shooting Mode:
Mouse - move mouse on screen to move pointer.
D key - shoot.
E key - hide behind cover.
R key - concentrate.
Q, W, or Y key - reload.
Up, Down, Left, Right keys - change weapon.

Driving Mode:
X key - accelerate.
Z key - decelerate/reverse.
T key - move left.
G key - move right.

Rescuing People:
In this game, there are different ways to rescue the victims of natural disasters. Sometimes, you need to clean their wounds and then bandage them up, other times you need to perform CPR on them. In some cases, you need to rescue them before they fall.

Grabbing Someone:
People hanging from a ledge need to be saved! They will try to reach out to you and you have to grab their hand at the right time. You have to know where they are in relation to you. Sometimes they're on your left, sometimes on your right.

Let's take the first victim hanging from a ledge as an example. A shootout occurs in a building and the guy somehow gets thrown out the window but manages to hang on to a ledge. Upon talking to him, he'll try to reach out to you. He is on your LEFT side. Since he is on your left side, you have to "TILT" the controller to the left and then shake it. So how do you do it with a keyboard?

Hold A key - the A key is our "tilt to the left" key. Since the guy on the ledge is on your left, we hold the A key down. If the guy you need to rescue is on your right side, then you have to hold the S key because that's our "tilt to the right" key.

Press Q key - this key is used to shake the controller. Just press this while holding down the A key when you know the victim is about to reach out for your hand.

Mouse - move the mouse around to point at wounds.
D key - clean wound by shooting water.
Repeat Numkeys 5, 3, 2, 1 in a Quick Cycle - in order to apply bandage to a victim, repeatedly press the numkeys 5, 3, 2, 1 quickly while pointing your mouse on the wound. The circle will become smaller and smaller until you succeed.

Lifting People or Objects:
Unfortunately, pulling up or lifting objects to save people doesn't seem to work on the "Dolphin Wiimote New Incomplete". In the old Plugin_Wiimote.dll, all you had to do to lift something or someone up was press T and / (on the numpad) keys at the same time. I still haven't found a way to do it in this new incomplete plugin.

Anyway, I hope that this little guide I wrote would help people who want to enjoy their Wii games on the pc while just using a keyboard. Always remember that the best configuration is always the one you're comfortable with!

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I cannot seem to find the plugins tab in my emulator. I go into options, then configure, but only can choose between general, interface, audio, gamecube, wii, and paths tabs. So I have absolutely no idea what to do. I have the 4.0 version as well as 3.5 and have the same options.
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