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Guess you've upgraded the forums

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A few threads are gone, I guess that's what you ment by this:

The downside is that ANY forum post you make after this post has been published will be lost on the way. Furthermore, you might notice some service interruptions during the transfer. I'll keep you up to date at this place during the transfer.
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No, moved to a new server and, due to DNS propagation, some people would be able to access the old site while others already updated to the new one. So, once everybody completedly shifted over, those posts made to the old site would be lost.
in that case I guess I've moved over to the new one
Player-X said:
in that case I guess I've moved over to the new one
Everybody should have by now.
does the new site look any different.
here it says thatt theis is ngemu v 2.0
then I guess still no change.
Flare85 is just upgrading the server, not the design nor the site itself.
not unless they change the picture
We haven't changed anything on the site, just the server on which it's hosted. NGEmu v3.0 is planned to be out sometime early this year.

By the way, Flare doesn't move things at NGEmu, he'll move you if you get hosted at :)
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