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GTA San Andreas

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Does somebody... if GTA San Andreas work with AdriPSX ?? if.. not.. Why... i`m waiting for an answer. Thaks a lot :innocent:
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Because it's a goddamned Playstation emulator, not a Playstation 2 emulator.
Add to this the PS2 emulators we do have barely play any games, and those that do are at unplayable speeds on systems of my spec.....
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with all the respect... thread of this weekend :D ;)

soround read rules and faqs of this forum before you post...
Nothing is imposible... needs to be a way to play the game with PS2 emullator... Now... i buy GTA San Andreas... and.. i don`t have enought money to buy a PS2 console.... so.. if i have.. for what?,.. for a must be a way to play this game... and I want to discover it....

Thanks a lot for posting... if exist any news... post it here. pelase

there is no other possibility to play it than buy a console, or wait for pc release (if there will be).
as for emulation come back in few years...
good god why isn't this thread closed.

soround, you probably dont understand the concept of emulation. you can't play a PS2 game on a PSX emulator. it's like putting your PS2 disc in your Playstation.

PS2 emulation is coming along, but you wont be able to play San Andreas full speed. go buy a PS2.
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