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I tried to install x360 and the quadcopter mod to play on GTA V steam edition.

It works well with a PS4 Dualshock controller, supported by x360, functional in GTA.

It does not work however with my Taranis QX7, whereas my RC works for example on Liftoff.

When I want to play, I plug my qx7, it is recognized by my pc.
I launch x360 (from the game's root folder), as an administrator, my Taranis is then recognized by x360, and the joysticks work.
I launch GTA (via the desktop shortcut or by steam), once in the quadcopter mod, the mouse controls the drone, not the QX7 (it works with the PS4 controller).

I screenshot my x360!




I follow help tab, and add some .dll

Do you have any idea why my Taranis QX7 does not work once in GTA V steam?

Thanks a lot
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