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GT4 Japan Final Car List w/ Pics

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Found this at the usual GT fan site, gtplanet. Not only includes pics, but additional info such as cost, power, etc
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Sweet jesus mother of god Oo HOW ONE EARTH CAN A GAME HAVE SO MANY CARS????

And they have pictures for each one. Very nice D.D.
Nice, that is a pretty hefty list, but some of those prices are steep for some of those cars hehe (I know they are in Yen, I can already read them as USD).
perhaps, but i think it has to do with the fact that buying and owning a car in Asia (well...Japan and China and i think korea, not sure about other countries) is much more expensive than it is in N. America (assuming ur an American). thats partly to discourage ppl from buying cars (little space) and some other factors.
The cars dont even look that good.. I really thought it would look better..
I hope the game wont have slowdowns... but something tels me it will...

hehe suzuki escudo peak version is still in it :D wonder if its still as good as it was in GT2

and release delayed to march 11 GRRRRRR i want the game now :(
no slowdowns. 60fps all the time.
Nope no slowdown, and it even runs in 1080i =)
I own a xbox and GC also, I have to say I'm very satisfied with GT4 in graphics. :thumb:
hmm i heard of 1080i before but what is that ?

and does anyone know non JP sites with some ingame movies from GT4 ? wanna see how car looks and how it runs ^^

btw can anyone confirm if it wil or wont get online support ? Cos i have been hearing so many stories about they are gone release a second disc with online on it.. Altho it seems to good to be true...
A widescreen resoloution 1080 high which is interlaced
does anyone know non JP sites with some ingame movies from GT4 ?
yup. in fact its somehwere on that same site. i think u have to register tho.
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