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Iam having problems with cars looking blocky anyone have any suggestion on how to make it better?
Plugin: Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.1.52
Author: Pete Bernert

- 1024x768 Fullscreen - [32 Bit]

- R8G8A8A8
- Filtering: 2
- Caching: 1

- FPS limit: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: Auto

- Offscreen drawing: 4
- Framebuffer texture: 2
- Alpha multipass: on
- Mask bit: on
- Advanced blending: hardware

- Scanlines: off
- Unfiltered FB: off
- Dithering: on
- Full vram: off
- Game fixes: off [00000000]

1.3GHz Athlon,
200MHz System Bus,
56k modem,
128mb DDR RAM/PC1600,
40GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive,
32MB Nvidia TNT2 Pro,
Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 128,
12x DVD Drive,
8x4x32 CD-RW Drive,

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You'd better set your caching type on "Dynamic",it's the recommended one,other than that,I don't see what could cause your problem(not that I noticed one anyway).

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nice.... im gunna buy gt2 soon :D

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I just played GT3 and its damn F*****g awsome i cant forgot the beautiful cars and also the lighting and dust effect Wow!!!

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Yes I have Gt3...Its the BEST racing game yet...but then...u get tired of it when u get all the cars u wanted. :p

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Yeah but it takes a while till u've done that right?

I read that GT3 has more then 100 hours of play.

I've just bought a PS2 and as soon as I have the money i'm gonna buy GT3 (unless FFX is released meanwhile)

I've downloaded the intro and and keep watching it and watching and watching and never got tired of it! BEAUTIFULL!
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