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GT2 Opening movie is rock for me.................

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I know there are great PS Movie out there but for GT2............
I love all movie since begining until end.
The music and graphic can go along no stumble.
Start by old movie (In b&w colors) of first age racing car.(this is cool)
and display brandname car and change to CG in colors mode
When music is slow,movie is slow too(this is what I like too)
I love in their technic to create this movie.
I wish to make flash movie similar to this movie on someday:)
maybe take 2-3 years later after this post ;)
but anyway I love this movie................
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I have no PS2 console.
But I am impressive with GT2 into movie.
Not in CG but in their technic :)
you can download the gt3 movie from gamespot
looks impressive!
GT3 Movie is cool.
but I don't like it as much GT2.
I still like GT2 Movie ;)
Oh that too bad I like GT2 Intro very much :(
Everyone to his own. Me I like the psx startup logo. (My first post ... memories:D )
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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