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GT Save Game Conversion To GT2

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Just wondering if anyone else has been successful in converting save games from the first Gran Turismo to Gran Turismo 2?

This is bugging me as I don't want to have to take my licenses again (what a bore!) and also I have some kickin' cars in GT1:cool:

Thanks in advance.
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I think Gran Turismo uses 5 blocks for one save, whereas Gran Turismo 2 uses 4 blocks for one save, it wouldn't be easy.
I don't think that is possible....... Gt2 has more and up to date cars then Gt1........ I don't recall anyone doing anything like that....... You will have to get all the liscences in Gt2....... there are more liscences to get in Gt2 anyways......
Thanks guys,

I solved it. You can convert your old save games using the conver function on the main menu.

You get two of your old licenses and none of your old cars :-(

Still, that's two licenses I don't have to get!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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