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GT Championship Racing on VisualBoy Advance

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GBA is cool... I'm so tempted to get one now.
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Originally posted by Thorgal
Speed with almost any filter is still very decent with my system (see my profile for specs). In fact, the only filter which I noticed gave me a minor slowdown was the 2xSAI filter. That doesn't necessarily mean it's also the best however, and I advise you to try them all with several games to ffind out which one you like best. I'll post a couple of pics later to show the difference between the all the filters.
where can u get filters and wutz da best one?? thx :D
found it thx!! looks great full screen now :D cant believe a handheld can create graphics like this :)yay my 100th post!!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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