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GT Championship Racing on VisualBoy Advance

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GBA is cool... I'm so tempted to get one now.
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Sorry, everything's kinda blurry... the screenshots I took were too small, so I had to upsample the images.... d'oh.
Last one for now.. will post more as I get further into the game.
Thanks, will try that later. BTW Thorgal, how's the speed like on your system with all the filters enabled? Still running at full speed?
Originally posted by Athleon
well, I wanna ask something,

is the real GBA produce like that software rendering in certain 3d game like that GT?
Well, if your question is whether this game actually uses 3D objects, then the answer is no. It uses hi-quality sprites so that it looks as if it's 3D.
Originally posted by vivrantpig

where can u get filters and wutz da best one?? thx :D
It's built in.... if you use Visual Boy Advance, it's under "Options->Filter"..... as for the best one... well, it's a matter of taste/preference... try it and see which one you like.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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