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gsdx9_20050106.rar ?LOCATION?

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I downloaded PCSX2_07 and Saw that it recomended GSdx9 06
So I went to this link HERE
and found it and Dowloaded gsdx9 0.6. When i looked at it I knowticed it's a .rar file so i went to the PCSX2 folder and i'm not shure where to put it... i thought it was a plug in so i looked in the plugin folder and those files are dlls.... i'm not shure where to put it
Can somone please help me find it's location
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.rar files are compressed files like .zip, you need THIS to extract it :)

it is free to download.
THANK YOU!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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