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thought you guys might want this build of gsdx9 gabest made last night, this is a rundown of what it fixes.

Textures that were missing/sized wrong in d3d seem to be fixed/visible
logos on Kingdom Hearts are fix0red.
Video Compatability seems to have strangely gone up oO
Doesnt crash anymore like it.
dont know if DMC fixes are still in, you can always check :)

To sum up, this build has Gssoft compatability, but better graphics of gsdx9, not to mention the speed :D

Note: should we sticky this so if any of us get a new build he posts on irc we can put it up for the other testers? hes too laz0r to post them himself ;p

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I noticed that Microsoft stuffed some 64bit libraries into
Don't know though if that will improve performance with PCSX2, maybe someone with 64bit CPU can check it out.
As long as Gabest doesn't update his code you have to

Don't forget to set a "system restore point" before installation.

Also some lousy applications mess up DX9 by installing outdated versions of "DirectX for Managed Code Update (December 2004)".
Thus resulting in blanked graphics in GT3.
(The version in the archive linked above works fine)

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Made a modification to gsdx9 that saves the window position and size. Uploaded the modified GSWnd.cpp and the two release builds.

Based on CVS code from 15/08/2005.
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