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seb090579 said:
probleme features detected sse but no detected sse2 problem? Should I swap the graphics cards around cos of the better processor sse/see2 what the problem? thank you
First thing First, Don't post messages one after the other. Edit your posts into one. :)

Do you mean that when you go to Config--> CPU and in that form under the Features SSE2 is not included??? oO
This is because of your CPU. If you want all the Features you might need to have an Athlon.
Your computer does not detect SSE2 because your CPU don't have that feature.
See the configuration of Bositman

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Actually, only Athlon 64 and Pentium 4 processors are the only ones that support SSE2. And from what I've heard some Celerons based on the P4 core also support it.
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