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Yesterday I read here about a new GPU-Plugin, but I never could find much Information about it.
I thougth OGL2 make best qualitity?

My Questions are:

1. What is GSdx? What makes it new?
2. What is the difference to OGL2? (Shader Support?). Pros and Cons of both?
3. What is your recommendation? (in depedence of the used hardware material und games)

I hope, you could help me.

Thanks a lot,

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GSDX is the same GSDX from PCSX2, for some time now Gabest has been working on making GSDX also work in PSX emulators.

GSDX is a software plugin only, but its different from Peopsoft in that it allows the internal resolution to be doubled to improve graphics.

Either plugin is good, though GSDX requires more cpu power if you intend on using the higher internal resolution then OpenGL 2 does.

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So, the Graphic-Quality Difference between GSDX and OpenGL2 is marginal or noticeable?
And from the software plugin, it is now the best?

And can I say, when I have a good CPU, I use better software gpu Plugins, and when I have a good GPU, I should/could use the hardware Plugins, like OGL2?

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You got the last part right. But I would do the GPU check first:
Got a nice GPU? Use OGL2, otherwise... Got a nice CPU? Use GSDX
Neither of those? Use PEOpS Soft without scaling filters.

Note that GSDX is better used on a good Dx10 card, but then,
you could use OGL2 since the beginning.

About quality, considering the hi-res filtering and the shaders,
I would say OGL2 is better.

For 2D games though, you're better using PEOpS Soft and one
of its scaling filter.
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