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GSDX Settings not saving.

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Hi is there anyway to make the gsdx settings save? everytime i choose the settings and click ok its just switching back to default.
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i actually had UAC Disabled but I did go to the plugins folder and checked it, has full permisions and its in my documents and not program files.

Also set epsxe to run as administrator still no go :(
i downloaded the latest one and tried downloading an earlier one as well, no joy :/ ill try making the inis folder myself and see if that works if that dont work i guess i can try download PCSX2 and do the settings in there and see if it works and transfer it over.
well had a breakthrough, just copying the standard gsdx plugins that come with PCSX2 works fine, better even. Can alt+enter in and out of full screen as well which I believe some people have been having problems with.

and it seems to store settings somewhere still no inis folder but settings are saved.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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