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GSDX plugin working for PS1 emulator but with a problem...

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This GSDX9 plugin works with ePSXe but this plugin doesn't come with a frame limiter option does it. The PS1 games subsiquintly play at like 200FPS and it looks rediculous. I'm mention this because I'm trying to play resident evil 2 for PS1 in ePSXe with my iZ3D stereo 3D drivers running so I can play it in 3D which I've got working but now it plays way too fast. The 3D drivers act only on DX9 plugins so if anyone knows another plugin for ePSXe that uses DX9 or if there is a GSDX plugin with a frame limiter please let me know, thank you.
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Eternal SPU, set to spuasync:wait forces an Audio sync which is more accurate then a frame limiter.
Actually I just realized that the PS1 emulators don't have a z buffer, so I believe that the 3D effect will not work. The screen split into two images but without the z buffer I don't believe that different angles can be achieved for the 3D driver to work. So I'm going to try to use the Gamecube emulator Dolphin with the Gamecube version of resident evil 2 and see if I can't get it to work that way. Thanks for the imput though Squall.
There's also a PC version of the game, though I suspect that it may be hard to find these days.
No, it wasn't hard to find at all actually. But the problem is that the PC version is so old that the highest resolution for it is 640 x 480. Also, it doesn't recognize my Nvidia card because Nvidia wasn't out back then when they made it for PC. I do however have the game for the Gamecube emulator called Dolphin, and I've got a working DX9 plugin, but what sucks is if it's not configured just right along with your DX9, video card drivers, and 3D drivers it won't work or if it does it's buggy. I'll keep working on it, I'm guessing the Gamecube version is my only shot at this point, at least it is in higher resolution unlike the PC or PS1 version.
as long as it uses DirectX, any game can be statehacked to run in a higher resolution.
Well, I've got the 3D working with smooth gameplay but not for the Gamecube version. I got it working with the N64 version instead, fmvs are playing, sound is good, and the graphics glitch for the N64 version where objects are see through has been fixed after a lot of work. But I've got the Graphics see though objects problem fixed with one video plugin called Glide64 Wonder ++, and I've got the 3D working on *******'s Rice Video v6.1.3 DX9. Now I just have to get the wrapper working with the DX9 plugin and It's all set. By the time I get this thing working Resident Evil Darkside Cronicles, RE2 remake, will be out for Wii and I'll be able to play it in 3D using the dolphin gamecube/wii emulator.
Sorry for up...

Can someone upload that Plugin? I'm tryin' to play ePSXe+iZ3D and I need that Plugin.
Can't find it anywhere... All links are dead...
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