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Grim Fandango

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OK, I recently decided to play this game after I lost my savegame from year 2 several years back.
So I get back to Year 2, save and quit. Picked it up earlier today and began to play. And play. And play. I got to very near the end.
Then some B****** sends me an IM and kills the sodding app. I hadn't saved in hours. Please please say someone has a save for this game. It was so frustrating the first time though, I don't think I can cope again.
I looked in the usual places, but to no avail....
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i dunno if this'll help cuz i just did a google search for it :

good luck to u tho if its not wut ur looking for. smthn slimilar happened to a friend of mine who put over 50 hrs into Chrono Trigger twice and had the save game corrupt twice. to this day he still hasnt beaten CT (even tho i tell him to)
Why the hell couldn't I find this on Google? You gem! Finally I can complete the game!
man i should really play that game again. I never finished it but it was one heck of a game :)

one of the few games are actually legally own.....
Yeah, I've been doing a little run through my back catalogue recently. Hence the Draken thread a while back. Recently did Soldier of Fortune II, Heavy Metal FAKK2, and some other games I'd nearly completed years back but never actualy finished.
The only annoying thing about this game... well the two annoying things about this game are the low resoloution (which can mess with some puzzles), and the hideous, hideous, horrible, disasterous control system. It drove me nuts really. I wanted the cursor back so badly.
i assume you mean grim fandango for the pc... if so i played and passed the game, as for saves i used to keep all my saves though im not sure i could locate them, pm in the morning as im going to sleep now and ill look for them. (BTW) check out physconauts if you like grim fandango
Isnt grim fandango a pc game only?

Psychonauts gets high review, I'm waiting for a price drop tho :D
one of the few games are actually legally own.....
hah same here chrono, great classic though, a king among the adventures, along with curse of monkey island 3
Grim Fandango is one of my favorite games. If only games like this would make a comeback. Hopefully Telltale Games will bring a revival with Bone and this one German game studio who almost got the license for Full Throttle 2 and Sam & Max 2.

Fie upon you LucasArts!
Grim Fandango is a ok game. Has a nice storyline, good grapcics and has a nice ending! But like Kane said, the controls sucks balls!! Meh, how I miss the point-and-click days...
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