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hello everyone, before complaining i would like to thank the devs for such a great emu for the best console ever made!

My specs are:

E7300 running @ 2.66GHz
Windoze XP SP3 X86
Integrated 9300 Nvidia GFX on Asus P5N7A-VM
NullDC 1.0.3

Elsemi's AICA gives me better smooth animation/playback on the GFX side of things but sound freezes and will not continue to play.

Null AICA gives me choppier animation/playback on the GFX side BUT perfect sound with buffer @ 2048, and if i lower to 1024 animation/playback seems to improve a bit but sound gets VERY choppy.

i would love to have the performance im getting with Elsemi's AICA but with the perfection of Null AICA's sound. It seems to be a buffer problem with NUll's sound i think. Any Ideas?
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