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Gravis Gamepad Pro on WinXP sp2?

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Is there anyone that has gotten the Gravis Gamepad Pro (gameport version, not usb) working on WinXPsp2?

I've been looking at google but all the links say it's not working but none is giving a solution.
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I think you have to add it manually through the joystick properties. I see a Gravis Gamepad Pro (GamePort) entry in there.

Also you could try the Xperience drivers
I tried both, but they didn't work.
Both ways will add the device in the game control devices list, but it will say 'not connected' no matter what I do. Even though I have the latest Xperience drivers.

(The windows site recommended to add it as a joypad with 4 buttons, but how should I play PSX that way? :mad: )
hmm....what is your sound card? Joystick ports are tied directly into the sound card, so improperly installed drivers could cause such a thing
It's an integrated soundcard, but I'm pretty sure it's a problem that has got something to do with SP2. Are you suggesting I should reïnstall sound drivers? (I'm quite confident that that isn't the problem)
It could be an issue with XP itself cause I have a Gravis Gamepad Pro and I ony had it working in WIndows 98. Once I upgraded to XP I couldn't get it working ever again. :(

And those Xperience drivers just suck :p
I had issues with my Gravis Gamepad in Windows XP before. The controls didn't work properly in games. My gamepad used the gameport on my soundcard.

I found out that I had to use the sound card drivers that Microsoft provided on their website in order for the gamepad to work.

I recommend that you go to the Windows Update site and download Microsoft's version of your soundcard.
If you are using the joystick port version, you should be able to find the USB version for pretty cheap.
ya the usb goes for about $10 canadian where i live
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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