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Grave of Fireflyes

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I just watched the movie. unbelieveble! a slow, touching story and the great characters made this film one of the best on my list. actually the drawing and the style eppeals to me more then the current one in resent animes. the little sister and her innocense are the best thing about the film and give the story its dramatic (and a little depressive..) part.

i would like to know your opinions about the film. Of course i reccomend it for the people that didnt see it.
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I really liked this movie and it's one of my favourites - partly because of the historic setting which is very credible and partly because this story didn't feel like a tearjerker (like the aforementioned Saikano). Despite being nothing but sad it felt so real because it portrays a dire time and it shows what becomes of humans in times like that.
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