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Grave of Fireflyes

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I just watched the movie. unbelieveble! a slow, touching story and the great characters made this film one of the best on my list. actually the drawing and the style eppeals to me more then the current one in resent animes. the little sister and her innocense are the best thing about the film and give the story its dramatic (and a little depressive..) part.

i would like to know your opinions about the film. Of course i reccomend it for the people that didnt see it.
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I can't really see what do everyone see in this. For me it was a non-touching, depressing wannabe show that only accomplished to progressevely bore me throughtout its lenght... personally I've found shows like Saikano or Kiminozo to be more touching in the depressing area... that's just my opinion though
I didn't find it sad at all, for me it was plainly boring (or at least you cannot appreciate sad moments if you don't have happy ones IMO, if you don't have happy times sad times become just your everyday life :p)... the poor kids pass through so many things that instead of pitying them you end up being bored :p

For a recent series that actually managed to move me a little, you might want to try Air (only 6 eps are out and I already consider this to top out the dramas I've seen before :))
Well I'll agree with you in it being a good portrayer of human emotions and relationships in times of dire. In that respect, the movie is superb. However, when people consider it as a heart touching series is when I have to disagree :)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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