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i dont know if this only happens to me but in ff9 and crono cross (maybe others rpgs) the polygons look beautiful, but the pictures and texts, the backgrounds in general look not so good, not smoother (i dont know the exactly word), heres an example pic, taked from ff9, if theres some way to make them to look prettier please tell me !!!, thanx.
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Playing at a res of that is a multiple of the real psx resolution helps with some games with the pixelated 2d without FSAA.. But FSAA really helps a lot with 2d stuff.. Like if the game uses a resolution of 320x240 on the real psx, then using a resolution like 640x480 will smoothen the 2d w/out FSAA..

320x2=640 240x2=480
hence 640x480 res..

But most psx games uses a weird resolution like 320x224 which doesn't really smoothen all even when you set the resolution at 640x480 with 4xFSAA.. Take a look at this shot with FSAA of FF9 at 640x480..
here is the shot... hehe.. messed up.. You can also use "bilinear filtering" but it has its own problems with 2d..
But look at a game with 2d but uses a resolution of 320x240 on a real psx and check out the difference 4xFSAA makes on the 2d at 640x480..
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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