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Hi people :)

Yesterday I downloaded the latest EPSXE along with Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI and to my shock was unable to play the damn thing.

I then proceeded to download some plugins for the emulator and to no suprise found that the emulator still wasn't working. I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. My specs and a list of the plugins im using are as followed:

-Microsoft Windows Millenuim
-Authentica AMD
-AMD - K6(tm) 3D Processor
-60 MB RAM

Graphics Card = SIS 530


scph 1001 - USA
Pete's PSX Open GL Driver 1.75d
Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41
epsxe CD-R ASPI Core 1.7.0

As I click "next" on the cd-rom tab I get an error message:

"'ePSXE Detected that CD-ROM Plugin hasn't been configured. Please select your favourite plugin and hiton config button."

So in order to continue I click on config and come up with this:

"CDROM N 403 DU25"

I leave all as is, and click ok. I am then allowed click on next to finish the config wizard.

I then click on open ISO and double click on the file:


The screen goes black to load the game and the next thing to pop up is an error message:


Choose Pixel Format failed"

So, I change the graphics plugin to Pete's PSX OpenGL Driver 2.6 and get this error message as I load the game again:

"GPU Pete Open GLL

No WGL extensions!"

I click ok and come up with this error:

Ëpsxe has caused an error in MSVCRT.DLL Epsxe will now close

After horribly failing with other graphics plugins (all I get with others is a black screen) I lastly pick Pete's D3D Driver 1.75 to get... a black screen :rolleyes:

I know what im asking for christmas. A sledgehammer ;) No but seriously I already have five, I don't need another one. All I really need is some help with the plugins, Cheers Lads

(On a side note: all settings are on default)

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