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I have a hp pavilion dual core a6620f desktop pc....the graphics card is an ati radeon 2400 PCI 256MB graphics card and I have been disabling and uninstalling my intergrated graphics at the device manager screen,then after doing that I have been plugging my 2400 PCI graphics card into it's pci slot the same slot I have also been using a working soundblaster pci128 soundcard in,when I start up the pc after shutting down,with the graphics plugged in,the power light is blue then goes off for about ten seconds then comes back on and I have a black screen the whole time.while the screen is black I have the monitor plugged into the intergrated vga slot instead of the graphics card and i've tried having it plugged into the graphics card to when getting the black screen? when the monitor is plugged into the intergrated slot the hard drives are running I hear them going..what should I do I think I chose to uninstall instead of disable the intergrated graphics recently but didn't plug the card in after shutting down and then starting up.i'm trying and trying hoping I can use this card until I get a pci-e x16 which might be a possiblity with this pc just not now i dont' have a pci-e one yet. sorry for the thread getting so long.
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