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Graphical problems with pete's plugins. (Chrono Cross)

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I seem to have a problem with pete's plugins when I'm playing Chrono Cross.

I have a geforce 2 MX but his plugins willl not use this device to enhance the graphics. The game runs perfectly but it's graphics are pixelated and blocky. How do I enable the plugins to benefit from my card?

(I have no problem with pete's soft driver, it uses my card perfectly, but that plugin is not working with chrono cross, I need to know how to access the card with the 3d3 plugin and the DX6 plugin. I am sure it is possible.)

One more thing; I have recently experienced a loss of keyfunction while playing Chrono Cross. They do not respond at all, so all I have now is a game that plays the open-book-intro, as my start-button and all other buttons (except from alt which pauses-halts the game) for that matter, are not working.
They work just fine in other games.
Any ideas?
(this is all with pete's plugin, lewpy's I cannot use anymore due to my card (or so I think))

Pentium II,500
128 meg ram

Thanks in advance!
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umm, i have no idea what you meant by pete's plugin not working with your Geforce 2mx. as long as the game runs with the plugin, the plugin is using your graphics card.

however, i do know how to solve your control pad problems. press F4. that's all there is to it.
Thanks, it's working now. But the graphics are not very nice except for pete's soft driver.. It's just strange that it won't work propertly with the others.
If you are using a GeForce2 why don't you try using Pete's OpenGL driver, the quality tends to
be a bit more better.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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