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A GeForce 2 MX would only be useful in 2005 if your main card developed a problem, or for a system that is not going to be used to play any games from the last few years.

A Geforce 6200 (non-TC) can be had for as little as $50 and it supports SM3.0, HDR etc. and would approach 2000 3DMarks (3DMark05) at stock.

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fireblaster_lyz said:
That card is already phased-out.
Try obtaining a card with shader capabilities. (Radeon XT or GeForce FX series)
your kidding right? he's asking about a card that, at best, is worth about £20. you want him to look at TWO HUNDERED POUND Radeon XT's? :lol:

there's no reason to even both with the bottom end of the FX range. they are dire. He's going to need to specify a price range if we are to recommend a graphics card:)
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