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Grand Prix Challenge [SLES 51296] (E)

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any PCSX2 beta

With this game it crashes at startup because of an unusual program section : address=0
Log reads loads of:
cpuException: Status.EXL = 1
cpuTlbMiss 2000004, 2b1077c, status=70020c13, code=8

Rebuilding the ELF with JayTeeMaster's stuff lets you boot the game.
After loading bar it loops inside "WaitForCommand__11slIopModuleFR16_sif_client_data"

If someone want to investigate ELF header:

Status Nothing / Intro
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pls try setting the 'Fast IOP Clock' option in the advanced dialog, and tell me if it helps at all
beta date: 05.07.05
conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from
GSsoft 29.05.05
SSSPSXpad 1.6

loads without crashing now, but after loading mcserv.irx module it loops at PC/RA=80000438, COP0 EPC = 00081ff4

Enabling Safe IOP counters and/or Fast IOP clock didn't help.
Not even manual loading of my rebuilt ELF works now.

Maybe because of a custom irx module?
Preloading Sirens3.irx

DvdRead: 4164, nSectors=2, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=3080d)
DvdRead: 4228, nSectors=2, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=3080d)
loadbuffer: addrres 17b900 args 22 arg RETAIL=1;HEAPSIZE=500;

-------------------- IMH TDG RustyNails IOP Run time environment (RELEASE)
System memory report (IOP):
System  Total              Available          Largest Block
IOP     00200000 (2048KB)  00046900 ( 282KB)  00044f00 ( 275KB)
IOPSL3  0007d000 ( 500KB)  000778c0 ( 478KB)  000778c0 ( 478KB)
tdgStartupPlatformEnvironment() called
[Sirens] 258f07: ============================================================
[Sirens] 258f07: IOP library version:
[Sirens] 258f07: Thread 'RPC server' (id=0x74721B, pri=47, stk=0x4000)
[Sirens] 258f07: Thread 'RPC server' starting
[Sirens] 258f07: Thread 'Primary RPC' (id=0x74641D, pri=48, stk=0x2000)
[Sirens] 258f07: Thread 'Primary RPC' starting
sifcmd sceSifRegisterRpc (ae36c): rpc_id 514e95
loadbuffer: id 27, ret 0

Preloading mcman.irx
Preloading padman.irx
Preloading usbd.irx
Preloading lgdev.irx
Preloading mcserv.irx

DvdRead: 4273, nSectors=3, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=43080d)
loadbuffer: addrres 1f1400 args 0 arg RETAIL=1;HEAPSIZE=500;

loadcore RegisterLibraryEntries (1703fc):   mcserv
loadbuffer: id 32, ret 2

sifcmd sceSifRegisterRpc (1704f8): rpc_id 80000400
DvdRead: 3906, nSectors=1, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=43080d)
DvdRead: 4276, nSectors=1, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=43080d)
DvdRead: 4277, nSectors=1, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=43080d)
DvdRead: 4278, nSectors=1, RetryCnt=ff, Speed=4(83), ReadMode=3(0) (1074=43080d)
Status Nothing

On the other hand "Offroad Wipe Open" and "Total Immersion Racing" boot fine now, both load a program section into Scratchpad
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Beta date: 05.08.05
Conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from GSdx9 25.07.05
VUREC OK in 3D menus
switch to REC before starting ingame

With this game it has several issues:
1) custom video playback, hit quickly X button to skip else it freezes
(on circuit select you see the i-frame of background video)
2) reads loads of "unknown VIFcmd be" and crashes, unless VIF1_FBRST patched
3) crashes on custom VSYNC code
4) randomly has trouble with IOP audio driver SIRENS3.IRX
PC/EPC WaitForCommand__11slIopModuleFR16_sif_client_data
RA sceSifCheckStatRpc

Patches used:
gametitle=Grand Prix Challenge [SLES51296] (E)
// skip WaitForVSync__Fv
//fix VIF1_FBRST in vlPS2Internal_VIF1InterruptHandler__Fi

Status Ingame
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