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PCSX2 25.03.05 interpreter mode only
GSDX9 v0.6 in D3D

crashes as soon as you open a screen that holds 3D graphics

Game booted from original DVD9
Unfortunately i cannot publish a "skip videos" patch for this game as this could be abused to playback a bootleg.

As opposed to the chinese version you can see the regular printed text besides the "fake" text that has been pre-rendered in bitmaps.
If someone really cares i will investigate if the asian "big fonts" are stored in ROM2 or EROM
(I would need a "dumpbios.elf" w/o ROM1 dump for that.
If you try to dump ROM1 from a BIOS v1.0 console it will crash)

The 7zip archive holds an divx video of the spinning memory card icon

If someone plans to post these snapshots on the main page, don't do it today.
Today is "All fools day" and people might think it's a joke :D
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