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Gran Turismo 4 in N.A. on the 22nd!

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GT4 on Feb 22nd. Less then a month away, so lets hope it's real this time.
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D.D. said:
Update : New review from the Firingsquad .

Just to clear the doubts in ur minds whether or not this game was worth waiting for.
yammy :drool:
Toshiro said:
After looking at it, they never mentioned anything about the online mode capabilities. I assume it is not available, since under the gameplay options it did not list it as one of them.
They announced a few months ago that they were cancelling the online play part of the game :p.

I can't wait to play GT4, my sister reserved it for me already :D.
There is NO online mode. GT5 will apperently have it though, on the PS3 mind you.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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