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Gran Turismo 4 in N.A. on the 22nd!

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GT4 on Feb 22nd. Less then a month away, so lets hope it's real this time.
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Since they are just recreating this game for the PSP, I think i'll just wait ^_^
Yea, gonna have to save up for one. I probably won't get one at launch though, because I have a funny feeling they are gonna be at an outrageous price like every other launch here. So maybe the first pricedrop I will get one :)
Yea, they seem to be crazy everywhere these days :???:
More than likely I'll get it sooner or later - I'm a total sucker for the GT series (I own them all!) :p But I don't think i'll be paying full price for it. I'm sure I'll love the game and all, but I just don't seem as excited for it as I used to be. Maybe I waited so long for this release that I just lost enthusiasm for it :/
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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