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Gran Turismo 4 First Preview [PCPX 96649] (J)

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Beta Date: 29 04 05

Conditions Tested Under:

Interpreter mode only
BIOS PAL v1.50
GSDX9 10.04.05
spu2peops 25.12.04
cdvdiso 27.04.05

Status: Menus

Unsurprisingly the demo behaves like the retail version.

I made a video of the "Falken Nissan Skyline" rotating 360 degrees.
But it's too big to attach - compressed 1 meg, uncompressed 2megs.
Does someone have a nice place to upload?

patches used:
gametitle=Gran Turismo 4 First Preview NTSC-J PCPX96649
//patches by
//Skip IPU_in_FIFO(write)
//patches by mdr61
//Timelimit counter stop
//Pause counter stop
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Beta Date: 19.08.05 [fbrst] - 24.08.05
Conditions Tested Under: misc.

Nice greetings from T2_COUNT :dead:

Status Nothing


Beta Date: 19.08.05 [vif_stat log 02.57h]
Conditions Tested Under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from
GSdx9 15.08.05, software mode!, PS1.4!
GSsoft 29.05.05 OK

With GSdx9 in D3D mode menu 3D is invisible and crashes before going ingame.
Ingame it suffers from SPS, screenshots from random good frames.
Then it crashes after screen becomes pink.

Status Ingame
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