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Gran Turismo 2 (PAL) from CD

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Hiya everyone! :)

I've looked around on here before signing up but haven't really found anything pinpoint specific to my situation so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I was looking for stuff more directed towards GT2 so if I have overlooked any threads relative, I apologise beforehand.

Anyway, lately I've become a serious conservative as far as HD space goes with my computer, and so I'm trying to cut down on the amount of crap thats stored into them. Including games if theres anyway I can cut down on the space they take while still being able to play them ;)

I understand that PS emulation is best done with the images of the original discs stored on the computer but I don't exactly wanna pile up a small 60GB Drive full of ISO's now do I? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I've almost got Gran Turismo 2 (PAL - Arcade Disc) playing perfectly on ePSXe 1.60, I have the graphics plugin sorted and setup very nicely (Nice work Pete!), as well as the sound in the Eternal plugin.

Its just getting the damn CD sorted out :hdbash: I'm using PEOP's ASPI/IOCTL with the W9X ASPI (I'm on XP with ForceASPI 1.7 I think) setup, using caching mode "Smooth Read" and an additional 4MB cache. All other settings are as default.

My CD/CDRW/DVD drive itself is just a bog standard Samsung SM-332B (I think thats it), my rig is just a crappy factory made e-machines so theres nothing special about it lol. The CD Drive I can't really complain about, it does its job, its nothing flash but that doesnt bother me.

The game almost runs perfectly, but as the game tries to load up any audio or video sequences (I know the game uses XA audio which is meant to be fiddly, I don't fully understand this XA or MDEC business), the game will stutter pretty badly but only for a small number of seconds. After that the game will run smoothly until maybe 10 or so seconds later when the same happens again.

I'm happy that I've managed to get this far with GT2 straight from the discs, but I'd be over the moon if I could get the game working flawlessly now, so can anybody out there help?

*Takes a breather!*

Woo... first post over with, now you can flame me to death :D
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Can you hear the CD-ROM drive spin down during the movies? If so, try using Nero DriveSpeed to force the drive to keep the disc spinning.
The spin down time setting states how long the CD spins at the preset setting before it stops. It's usually 10 or so seconds on most drives but you can manually adjust it with the program. I would try setting the speed to something like 8x or 16x and the spin down time to infinite. Is this the only game that has this problem?
don't use the smooth read, there's another setting there that reads quickly (I'm unsure what it is) and it should work fine.
I'd say, try Sapu's cd-r plugin. I think I had better results with that one.
Running Win9X, btw? or XP?
Also, I don't use ASPI as all under XP. It seems to work just fine without.
it can be; I'm happy it worked.

And the author of cdrXeven is no other than.... Xeven ;) - He made also a ps1 emu; you should try it :)
To the guy/girl behind Xeven's awesome job man, awesome job!
haha, that's a funny quote. that's like saying "whoever is the man or woman that made this Quentin Tarantino film should be praised!" :lol:
He is a dude...obviously :p
heh, no i just thought it's funny, like how you kind of made it seem like Xeven was some sort of entity...and then there was a person behind him :lol: but really, Xeven is a cool dude, so don't worry, he wont come to kick your ass :p
Could somebody give me instructions that i can make this game work too? Which bios and plugin to download and what else should i do? Thank you so much!
Mikluuutus said:
Could somebody give me instructions that i can make this game work too? Which bios and plugin to download and what else should i do? Thank you so much!
Read the rules, don't revive old threads;)
in this case, mikluutus, just make your own thread. it will be easier for people to figure out how to help you.
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