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Gran Turismo 1 Pal Codes

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OK so recently I decided to try out Gran Turismo Again. The very moment I went into simulation mode I decided instantly that man, I am going to have a hard time getting gold on all these licences. So I used some gameshark codes to get gold on all of them. Now though the problem is getting the prize cars. i have tried the 100 car garage space thingy-ma-bob over and over and cant for the life of me get the cars in the garage. I'm not even sure if those codes even work on the PAL version of the game. I currently have the codes in questin looking like this:

#100-car Garage Space
8007DAE8 0064
8009B90A 0064
#B-Licence Prize Car
8009BA9C 00A3
#A-Licence Prize Car
8009BAFC 001C
#IA-Licence Prize Car
8009BB5C 003F

If anyone can help me or tell me what the frak im doing wrong then pls i will give you a kidney or any other organ should you ever get a life threatening disease (I'm not kidding, I am that desperate)
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Hello Skruben,

Here is a pal save convert from ntsc with PSXGameEdit.

100 Cars - All Modified or Racing Cars - Everything Unlocked (5 Blocks).

You will have to rename the card from card1.txt to


Hello Skruben,

I don't have any save files with only the prizes.
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