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Gradius 5 [SLPM 62462] (J)

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Beta Date: 03 July 2005 Linuz GT3Fix
Conditions Tested Under:

GSdx9 0.9
SPU2 NullDriver
SSSPSX pad 1.5
Cdvdpeops 1.2
USA v01.60 bios

Nothing displayed, not crashing tough...
VIF log available...

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In interpreter mode does it stop right after loading CDVDSTM.IRX (log should print that in red color now) ?
Maybe it's the same "unaligned buffer" problem as with Sjeep's HDloader?
parotaku said:
Hmmmm.... looks like it is indeed related :

But I don't know what to do... cannot access your link... :(
You must register to access their forum (they have a lot of interesting stuff there btw)
Unfortunately the patch there is for HDLoader, not for an ISO of Gradius.
However they seem to have loading troubles also with other games which use cdvdstm.irx
I will check if other games with that IRX stop at the same point in PCSX2...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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