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Ok, here it is! v1.4 of my graphics plugin! There's been some nice changes to make the overall performance better. I still need to add more texture support and a better memory management system into future versions. Enjoy!

Save states were also added in this version. I find them very usefull :)

The plugin will save save state pics (can view them with ePSXeCutor), but won't display them when running a game yet.

I also added a new windowing system which I think is kinda cool :) Check it out, and tell me if you like it! (Or if it doesn't work... :)

What's new in this version:

- The sprite coordinates are now converted properly
- Added a lookup table for faster psx -> x86 vertex data conversion.
- Discovered the mask setting command is empty! ... And it still is! ;)
- Added a new block fill primitive. This should fix some streaks that some games had (like GT2) in NextGL 1.3.
- Added support for poly lines. Doesn't draw them yet, but skips over them so that drawing errors don't occur any more when they're used!
- Added short/long DMA chain fix. Thanks to Lewpy for the info!
- The texture cache memory is laid out in a new organized fashion. This makes the process faster, as well as providing some fixes that were present in NextGL 1.3.
- Added base code for semi transparency
- Found a few memory bugs. They're completely gone now! Texture caching should work a lot smoother now :)
- Got the draw area correct! (Finally!)
- Added save state support
- Added a new windowing feature. This will make the display cover the entire area that its supposed to.
- Added the show FPS option in the screen settings.
- Now using 1B+1F semi transparency.
- Sprite caching improved. It's not perfect yet, and there appears to be some visual defects that occur.
- Added scanlines :)
- Updated the GPU plugin dump info
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