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Well, here it is finally :) It took a while to finish up, but I think you'll agree, it was worth the wait ;)

Main highlights:
- Registry based configuration
- Frame limiting
- New sprite cache
- New (and fast) primitive cache
- More configuration settings to play around with :)
- Cool stuff, check out the new configuration menus!

Here are the changes found in the readme.txt file:

- Improved texture region change detection
- Fixed PSX vertex coordiantes thanks to Lewpy!
- Now using the registry to store the configuration. This should fix some config problems!
- Fixed a small problem that was preventing proper operation of the GPU
- Added more GPU status register emulation
- The plugin now detects when the display changes, and doesn't update the display if it hasn't changed.
- Moved the brightness option to screen settings
- Added the #1 requested feature for this version... Frame limiting! :)
- Fixed a bug in the graphic configuration dialog
- Now using improved (and faster) brightness code. You can now choose from four different brightness levels.
- 16-bit texture pages are now super fast
- Added a fast sprite cache
- Finished the first version of the primitive cache, by v1.4 it'll be even faster when sending texture data to memory.
- Redesigned the texture caching configuration dialog. Lots of new options to play around with now :)
- Added a "fast MDEC" option to the screen settings configuration dialog.
- The 24-bit fast MDEC decoding is now done in ASM :)
- The set of sub pages for a certain texture page now automaticaly clears when going from 8/4 bit CLUT mode -> 16 bit CLUT mode, or 16 bit CLUT mode -> 8/4 bit CLUT mode.
- The plugin configuration can be written to a text file by pressing the "dump plugin info" in the main configuration dialog!

Have fun! And as usual, I'd love to hear how this version of the plugin is working! (Screen shots are nice too :)

* Also note: I'd recommend most people turn on the "flush at limit" option in the primitive cache section *

(>^_^)> *KIRBY*
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wow im impressed dood i think imma get this :)

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Nice work man..........Im impressed.........!

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