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And yet again some cool release news from <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Darkman</a> : A new version of his unique GPU plugin has been released today. The special thing about this plugin certainly is its ability to create a movie from the game you're playing ! Version 0.8 comes with the following changes :<ul><li>added new caching mode to support older graphics cards (that support textures up to 256x256)
<li>caching mode can be changed while emulator is running
<li>added custom frame limit
<li>now there are two dlls, optimized and unoptimized (if you are having problems with optimized version try using unoptimized - it is more compatible) </ul>You can download Darkman's gpuDemo Hard plugin from <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">here</a> or from our <a href="/psx/plugins.php?page=gpu">PSEmu Pro GPU plugins page</a>.
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