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GpuDemoHard v0.7 out

Another sunny day, so let's quickly look for news: First off, <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Darkman</a> released yet another version of his PSEmu Pro compatible movie capture GPU plugin. It seems this plugin finally becomes really useful, not only for capturing now, as the following stuff has been changed :<ul><li>Fixed mdecs problem (now they are fast again)
<li>Changed frame rate control based on Petes code (although he gave me this code some time ago I haven't used it till now; thanks Pete)
<li>Changed "move image" and "block fill" routines (now some things, that used "block fill" for erasing screen, work faster)
<li>Fixed bug in memory read (Resident Evil games and some others are now working fine) </ul>Speed seems to fine on faster PCs now, while slower ones should still stay away from this plugin - the AVI capture function rocks though :) You can download Darkman's new plugin <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">here</a> or from our <a href="/psx/plugins.php?page=gpu">PSEmu Pro GPU plugins page</a> !
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