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Hi folks, how is it going?

Well. I'am very happy with Epsxe / PcsxR on using this wonderful GPU plugin; GpuBladeSoft 1.64. I don't have any tears of problems with that. However i wonder, is there any posible on try to acquire a new graphic filters such 2x, 3x, 4x, xbrz, etc, etc. Because. It seems like that we can inject some many more of them, if we looks inside at the Plugin file folder ( from the GpuBladeSoft 1.64 own Plugin folder files integrated ) and those filter files are on .dll form. I don't know on where to acquare some many more of them. I'm just found some many pages about of Filters information web sites, or even on download at some of them, but not at .DLL form. Of course, if some of them does exist; i totally ignore if they can be used inside at this very good GPU Plugin as well.

Anybody got some clue on where i can find something about this?
Thanks for the advice !!!!
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