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w/c of the 4 GPU is the fastest

  • Segu D3D

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Petes OGL

    Votes: 9 50.0%
  • Petes D3d

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Lewpys Glide

    Votes: 4 22.2%
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Pete's d3d

For me Pete's D3D is the fastest but i haven't yet tried Segu D3D does any one knows where can I get it

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go to the emulator section at psxemu youll find segu plugin for me its the fastest but since its been discontinued lots of bugs in filtering althought support Gfx card buffer like petes plugin but it will slow you down not like petes Gfx buffer
so if your card is Tnt2 or lower better try this coz i can render 1024x768 32bit in my old tnt2 in gt2 using prodigy or seal spu but you cant turn on the filtering coz it will show lots of artifac
and also for what i observe petes gpu plugins has the nice image quality in mdec and in gameplay(execpt lewpys GPU never seen it coz i dont have 3dfx based card) segu is bad in mdec its like its only using 5551 or 4444...... but since gt2 simulation disc has no mdec i'll choose segu it can hadle the game w/out slow down at high resolution and also MGS it works fine
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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