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I'd say do NOT spend your money on it, judging from the following stuff I've read:

Coming from Lik-Sang, taken from DCemulation's forums
Hardware and Software Faults

From reports of worried customers on our pre-order list, and from hundreds of posts in GP2X forums around the world, we have gathered a quick list with the most common issues so far. Please be aware that this may still grow, as hundreds and hundreds of units have not yet arrived at the user's doorstep. Please note that the distributors have also informed customers up-front by email about possible problems, and it is recommended to check frequently if you have received your unit already.

• Practically many videos are not playable without capping them.
• There are reports of Xvid playing too fast, and DivX sound not in sync with video.
• There is a battery problem, 2 hours battery-life with standard batteries only.
• There is no power supply or charger included with the GP2X.
• Stereo jack sinks on some units, because of poor soldering.
• The speakers are mono instead of stereo.
• Headphone channels are switched, left is not left.
• The action buttons are too small. Your thumb can cover all four.
• There is a large joystick deadzone (that can be fixed with a "mod" according to a distributor).
• Uneven color distribution on the screen and other LCD problems.
• Long boot time (28 seconds).
• Compatibility problems with some brands, types or sizes of Flash Cards.
• USB Connection and incompatibility problems with Windows XP (apparently fixed with latest Firmware).

Several of these problems were indeed noticed by the Lik Sang team with the prototype that we received early October, but there were hopes here (and promises from Korea) that it would all be fixed for official release... and that obviously didn't happen.

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From a brief read though i can say the situation doesn't look good for now. One reason is that GPH just rushed the manufacture of the console. Headphone sockets falling out, low life on battery. The same thing happended with the GP32. Some of the issues have been corrected either fully or partly but anyone who is hoping to buy a gp2x soon, please wait. Sometime in Jan 2006 there suppose to be a big, official Firmware update. From then, let's hope things gonna look better. For now, hold your wallets tight.

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I also was have been wanting one of these for a while, for handheld video and emulation, I gave in a couple of months ago and got a PSP instead, video quality and screen is excelent and emulation is good, most snes games I've tried I can get to go at full speed, even if I do need to tinker with the settings a little, also you have to overclock the system for that. Nes/MS seem to run perfectly and Megadrive is fine with most game I tried (only SoR 2 wouldn't start at all)

Of course you won't be able to play many actual PSP games due to them forcing updates of the firmware to prevent homebrew/emulation stuff but... Apart from GTA there aren't any decent games anyway so your not missing much IMO :p
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