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Hello there.
Yesterday i'm changing my catalys 5.6 control center to 5.8 control center for my radeon 9200se.
But after i install that driver i got so many problem.
The system boot take longer than usual. And when i want to enter by clicking my name, the icon won't appear. I waited for so long, but it seems it won't show up any icon even the start menu won't appear. Just the wallpaper, and everything else like the icon won't appear. It's just like my sistem hang in there. And when i restart sometimes it says some error appear on the welcome screen. Like : lsass.exe - system error. The endpoint format is invalid. I got confuse with these. What is the meaning of these?
And sometimes when i finnally can enter my account it says like this : windows cannot find D:\progra~1\instal~1\{obedb~1/setup/exe. What's the meaning?
So now i can only enter windows using safe mode. And i uninstall then reinstall the driver for many times. But the problem it still exist and same.
I can't enter my desktop. I try many different version from 5.5-5.8.
All that version still can't work. Now that i confuse.
Can somebody tell me what's wrong and give some advice?
Anything will be appreciated. Thanks.
Right now i swap my VGA with my brother Gforce MX4000. And my radeon 9200se seems fine with my bro PC using 5.8.
Both of use WinXP pro SP2.
I don't like using nvidia and i love my ati card. Please help :nod:
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