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got linux mandrake 8, need some help....

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well guys, I need some advice... recently, I got linux mandrake 8, but it didn't work with my sound card (c-media device.. don't remember too well....) though it recognized it....

and does not want to work with my modem (hsp56 micromodem) well... I know my stuff is lousy, but what can I do then?
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If im not mistaken that's an internal modem right? if so check this page out .. LINMODEMS
Oh dear:( If its a HSP modem then it means that it uses MMX instructions instead of having a Digital signal processor or the controller. As such these modems are cheap and they typically only have drivers for windows (and in some cases only 9x) 'cos it developing drivers for linux would cost money. Your best bet is the website that Xeven posted but as you'll need to know exactly your modem's manufacturer and hope that someone out there has a a homebrewn driver for it. Realistically you'll probably have to get a hardware one.
well thanks guys, what a shame that my modem isn't good.... but can you help me with my sound card please... that's a most need.....
erm it says at the top of the thread its a c-media one. I've never heard of them though.
that's why i asked again, :heh: maybe he could give a better description.. hehe :heh:
Originally posted by Xeven
that's why i asked again, :heh: maybe he could give a better description.. hehe :heh:
well.... don't know too well, but I hope this helps...

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tak if you have either one of the following : CMedia-CM8338A, CMedia-CM8338B, CMedia-CM8738.. OSS supports them so might wanna consider getting OSS.. Open Sound System

edit: umm the pic you attached is too small.. can't understand ..
Oh. Well anyways this is all I could come up with. Its the c-media website driver download page. If you can identify the chipset that your soundcard has there is a linux 2.2 kernel driver here.
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