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Just a quickie - only found PSX2 today and thought I would give it a whirl to see how ps2 emulation is advancing today - threw in my official discs of Final Fantasy 10 and Dark Chronicle and I was very impressed! Sure, ffx was deadly slow but abit of tweaking for an hour, playing with plugins etc and I managed to push 7-8fps on a p4 2.4ghz w/ Radeon 9600 xt 256meg during the title with full sound/music etc - I was impressed, I didnt expect it to load at all. Dark Chronicle seemed perfect but seemed to hang reading the memory card - may play with that some more.

Anyway this post was just to say I did expect anything from the emulator AT ALL and although games may not yet be playable this is exciting progress on the ps2emu scene and I look forward to seeing how it progressess over the next year. I already enjoy playing my ps1 games on the pc using plugins and filters to make them look better than they ever did on the original console, when I can play my ps2 games on my pc and crank up the graphics and enable on-card antialiasing etc I will be a very happy man, good job :)
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