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good gamepad 4 epsxe

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what's a good gamepad to use w/ epsxe. i own a microsoft sidewinder gamepad but it doesn't have the control stick (like the psx gp have). i purchased a gravis exterminator gp cos it has the control stick but i can't set the direction buttons to run in epsxe. so maybe there's a good 'replica' psx gamepad for pc or maybe an adaptor to plug the psx gp to my pc, if so does it support 2 players, in epsxe?
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I use the crappiest of all Pads.

PiranhaPad PC from InterAct.

Cost me 8 bucks & the Kids beat the hell out of it.

It looks just like a PSX controller, But 6 of the buttons on it are turbo buttons instead of L1 L2 R1 R2, Start select.

But for my kids games a 4 button pad works well. eg... Crash bandicoot & Spiderman

Plus it is really cheap.

My games all require L1 & R1 so I use the keyboard exclusively.
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