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GoldenSun I

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I searched and didn't find the info I need about GS. My son gave me this game.

I am in the Venus lighthouse. Second time in here. I am in a room with sandfall. The sand fall use to be on the left, but I stepped on a button in another room and now the sandfall in this room is on the right. I have to get across this sandfall to get to the door on the far right. I think my team must be lacking in agility or luck or something. I can't get across the sandfall!! All the characters are at level 35. So it is easy and a little boring killing the same monsters over and over. Did I miss something somewhere that will make my characters fast enough to get across that sandfall?

Help please!!!

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Thanks so much. I had read several faqs but had not found anything usefull for getting across the sand falls. At your suggestion I started reading faqs I hadn't yet read. I found what I needed in the ikillkenny faq. Thanks so much jldnr77 and thank you ikillkenny!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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